If you have been using a cheque book for tax payments, it’s time to find an alternative. Due to a steady decline in this method of payment, the IRD are now phasing cheques out.

As of 1 March 2020, cheques will no longer be accepted by the IRD, and this includes any cheques that are dated after 1 March 2020.

The alternatives though, are not only easier, but cheaper and safer.

There are several payment methods offered by the IRD and the banks.

  1. Pay online through the bank – using your banking facilities you can make a fast and secure payment. You can also post date payments.
  2. Pay online in myIR – Login and register at www.ird.govt.nz. You’ll be able to set up direct debits also.
  3. Pay via credit card – pay directly on the IRD website.
  4. Westpac banks – pay at a branch using cash or eftpos. You’ll need your return or statement barcode, or create your own from the IRD website.

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