Head shot of Ric Fletcher from Business Growth Strategist a Christchurch based consulting company

I help businesses like yours get organised without the headaches!

Hi I’m Ric, I’m a business coach and will show you how to “Get the most important things done first.” I will reveal the biggest secret I’ve used to achieve success in roles I’ve held across the world. 

Shoot me your details so we can get your business organised!

Let’s take your business to another Level

Without a Plan, you’re not going anywhere, so the first bit is to understand what you want to achieve. Then we work out how you’re going to get there. I ask you lots of questions and we come up with a plan together. Then I keep you on track with regular progress calls.

First Step - Shoot me your details YOU get things STARTED

 Send me your details and tell me a little about your business.  It’s that simple. Just so we know whether I can help you or not. DO IT NOW

Second Step - WE Arrange a FREE Strategy Session

I get a better understanding of exactly where your business is, where you want to be and what current obstacles are? And we decide to work together or not. FREE

Third Step - We get you 'organised' Business Planning Session

Together WE create a ROADMAP and BUDGET for your Business. We FOCUS on ACTIONS for the first 90 Days  PAID

Fourth Step - We hold regular PROGRESS meetings

Choice of Weekly/fortnightly/monthly Progress Sessions, where I keep you on track to hit your targets. PAID

“My take away is that we all need help, as sometimes we are too close to our own business to see the bigger picture.

Ric and his people at Business Growth Strategists have managed to put me back on track. The end of that saga is not yet clear, but there are positive (and measurable) indicators in few short weeks. In years to come this period might just be remembered as the turning of the tide.

I recommend Ric, and truly believe that if you are ready to listen – he can help.”

Sam Ragnarsson

I was lucky enough to keep these people on Track