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I am getting dangerously close to breaking a half a century in age, and as such have come across my fair share of “growth specialists”. On top of that, I am a consultant myself and a business mentor when needed.

It was therefore with a somewhat sceptical mind I turned to Ric. What Magical Potions would he try to sell me? What pre-regurgitated-Google-searched mesh would he engulf me with?

As it turns out he had no magic to sell me at all! There were no speeches, or self-proclaiming saviour complexes. No Rich-Dad, Poor-Dad, Lean, Agile, do-the-hard-yard, the art of closing, think and grow rich or I know it all. 

What I got instead was a conversation packed with years of knowledge, wrapped into up-to-date research on the subject matter.

I went to Ric as I found myself needing a help with my hospitality business. Feeling like a painter that was hiring contractor to paint my house.
It was a humbling experience.

My take away is that we all need help, and sometimes we are too close to comfort, when it comes to decorating our own home – even if we are experts at it.

Ric and his people at Business Growth Strategists. have managed to put me back on track. The end of that Saga is not yet clear, but there are measurable indicators in few short weeks that in years to come this period will be remembered as the turning of the tide.

I recommend Ric and his team, and truly believe that if you are ready to listen – they will be able to help. Feel free to reach out if you need more info on why I recommend Business Growth Strategists.

Sam Ragnarsson

February 2020